Vital Pilates is all about enhancing energy levels and improving efficiency of movement for daily life and sports performance through stimulation and strengthening of deep postural/ stabilizer muscles taking away unwanted tension and fatigue. 

What is PILATES?

It is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. Specific exercises to awaken deep core muscles, emphasizing on specific breathing patterns, encourage the individual to maintain all attention to movement, connecting body and mind to increase body awareness. 

According to Joseph PILATES, the exercises of his method must be performed under these six principles: Concentration, Centering, Control, Flow, Precision and Breathing.

How it works...

There are two different type of classes:
- Mat Pilates: where all exercises are done on the floor with and/or without some small props (band, Swiss ball, roller, etc);
- Studio Pilates: utilizing the Pilates equipment (reformer, trapeze, chair, etc) as well as mat exercises. The machines are all spring based which gives the opportunity to assist some of the movements or add resistance for more advanced clients. 

We work with you to make PILATES, the perfect macth for your lifestyle! Whether if it is to complement a strong fitness routine, prevent injuries, get back into fitness after having a baby or simply de-stress from a busy working life.

The first step is to contact us for a free consultation, so we can help you find the best plan and type of class for you. Next, we'll book you in for an initial appointment and introduction class. Depending on your goals and needs, we'll go through other fitness components and type of services available that you may be interested. From there is a true team work, your comitment with our expertise in Pilates and Personal Training will lead you to enjoy the benefits of a healthier life and achieve your goals! 

What you can expect

When you're looking for PILATES, we've got the best system to incorporate this method of exercise in your lifestyle. We make sure you'll learn the foundations and basics of Pilates and also progress through your routine to make it challenging and renergising as each PILATES session should be!

Once you've tried it you'll realise how amazing it feels to make PILATES part of your fitness plan.

Interested in PILATES? Talk to us!

If you're interested in VITAL PILATES, we'd love to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply give us a call on 021 027 22762 or email and we'll be in touch fast.