Why Mat Pilates?

 This is a great type of class to strengthen core muscles, improve posture and body awareness. There are two different classes, Begginers and All Levels. Both utilise gravity as main form of resistance as well as stretch bands and other small props to keep each class challenging and fun.

We reccomend clients to attend a minimum of 4 introductory sessions prior to joining any mat class. Some fundamentals that are essencial to every practice should be well understood before attending a group class. 

How it works

The first step is to contact us for a free consultation, so we can help you find the best plan and type of class for you.

The mat classes at present are held at Millbrook Health & Fitness Centre. For more info on timetable and to book in call 03 441 7014 or email 

What to wear?

It is essencial you wear confortable clothes (avoid jeans or any other fabric that restricts range of movement). Bare feet or socks with grip underneath; best without jewlery and watch. 

If you are going to practice Pilates on a regular basis it is best to have your own mat.